Silk Rug Cleaning is An Art

We provide quality cleaning and restoration services for silk and area rugs across New York. Affordable prices, expert staff. 100% guarantee on our work.

Silk rugs are beautiful and durable, finely woven and, if well cared for, can last for decades. Their design is often incredibly intricate - that is because silk is an extremely fine material, therefore it is possible to wave more knots into the rug than if it were made of, say, wool or nylon. Indulgent and elegant, a silk rug is guaranteed to add a touch of class to any room.

At Silk Rug Cleaning NYC, we have been cleaning, repairing and restoring silk rugs for over 20 years and we know it is a unique skill. That’s why we employ only dedicated professionals with years of experience in the field, who can take your rug and breathe new life back into it. We offer a wide number of services across NYC, including (but not limited to) silk rug, area rug and carpet cleaning, repair and restoration techniques and carpet installation.

High-Quality Cleaning for Your Silk Rug

We work with families, small businesses and large offices alike and only hire the most highly-qualified staff. Our silk rug cleaning services across the New York area won’t just live up to your expectations - they will actually go beyond them! Not only do we offer a very professional service, we also take into consideration that every customer’s needs are different. No two silk rugs are the same and they will need very different techniques. So whether your rug is a Shalimar-Hamadan, Sarouk, Senha or Tabas, be sure that we know how to care for it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Silk Rug Cleaning Process - What We Do

We offer a start-to-finish service which includes inspection of the rug, followed by a powerful deep vacuuming (to release loose dirt, then a spot and stain pre-treatment.

Only then will your rug be carefully cleaned. We do not use water in our cleaning, rather we will massage the fibers with soft bristles and eco-friendly products. This strips the dust and dirt away and makes the material shimmer again. We feel it is better to use traditional methods rather than machinery, which is why we always clean by hand.


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