Silk Rug Cleaning & Restoration


Silk Rugs Need Special Repair and Restoration

If you own a silk rug, chances are that you’re very attached to it. Whether you purchased it as a valuable investment, inherited it as a family heirloom or received it as a gift from a loved one, it probably takes pride of place in your home or office.

Whether your silk rug is a Hereke, Persian Qum, Chobi Ziegler or Bokhara, we know how to take care of it. We have two decades of experience in this business and are familiar with the techniques necessary to treat silk well and ensure your rug comes back to you looking amazing. We promise you the best possible service using only eco-friendly cleaning solutions, because we want you to feel completely at ease putting your silk rug in our hands.

Silk Rug Cleaning That’s Gentle and Done By Hand

After we’ve brought your silk rug to our facility, it will go through a special process, with the following steps included.
Inspection - we will carefully inspect it, noting its condition, age and any stains it already has, so we can decide how best to treat it.
Dusting - when dirt and allergens are trapped in the rug’s foundation, they build up fast, ‘caking’ the fibers. Powerful dusting will begin shaking them loose.
Apply a pre-treatment for stain removal, to protect the delicate material.
Cleaning - we will then carefully clean your silk rug. We do not use water in the process, instead massaging the fibers with soft bristled brushes. No machinery is used - everything is done by hand..
Drying - We let the rug dry naturally, which should take between 6 to 10 hours, and make sure the pile is aligned in the right way.

100% Guarantee On Every Job

Every job we undertake comes with a 100% guarantee, because we understand that customer satisfaction is paramount. We are proud of our reputation in New York City and like to think that we treat every precious, hand-knotted silk rug that comes to us as if it were our own!

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Silk Rug Repair You Can Trust

We also offer a full range of silk and area rug repair services. We can deal with color fading, binding, fixing holes or repairing a fringe. These small repairs can make all the difference to your precious rug and when you employ us, you can be guaranteed a professional and experienced job.

As an extra, whenever we repair your silk or area rug, we will clean it first. That means it will come back to you smelling fresh as well as entirely repaired!

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